The Company

SM CAPITAL MARKETS Ltd is a Foreign Exchange liquidity provider that offers a wide range of trading technologies and investment services. Our financial professionalism and experience, technological innovation, the flexibility and speed of online trading and finally the tight spreads comprise our winning combination.
At SM CAPITAL MARKETS we do things differently than our competitors. Our aim is to help your company become more flexible, efficient and competitive. We provide access to liquid markets and make sure that your company benefits from competitive spreads, even during volatile markets.
At the same time we are trying to achieve a win-win situation for all sides involved. Your success is our success and our ultimate goal.
At SM CAPITAL MARKETS you are not just another customer of a Liquidity Provider but instead YOU ARE the customer

Our Operating Model – SM CAPITAL MARKETS Integrity & Objectivity

At SM CAPITAL MARKETS, we execute trades via agency model; thus we don’t take any risks and at the same time we align our interests with your interests. It’s therefore in our best interest to ensure your success and we provide you all the tools necessary for you to do this.
We are always here to assist and guide you, doing all we can to ensure your success. If you would like to know more about SM CAPITAL MARKETS, don’t hesitate to contact us.